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The first glance at Laura Ashley

The first time I heard about the Laura Ashley in UK was from a typical choosy friend of mine, who couldn’t resist but kept on talking about how good her experience was with Laura Ashley.
Indeed, I have to say, it is one of the online stores (also an instore) which keeps a check on the latest trends and thereby offers you with the best in terms of style and elegance.
From a beautiful dress for your first date to fabulous chandelier lights to adorn your new apartment, they have versatility in everything manufactured by them.

Each design is a perfect amalgamation of traditionalist approach and contemporary art. But in no way, the visual beauty overpowers the quality of material used in the making.
Since I have given a brief about what makes Laura Ashley stand out from the crowd, I would love to elaborate and substantiate my opinions with facts. Mentioned below are certain features that actually are the reason for popularity among the customers these days according to me and based on the reviews.

Beautifully crafted and styled products

Everyone wants to have the most unique of the things in order to be the best. Well, the company offers you a chance to brag about some amazingly crafted products that will enhance the look in the most adorable way. No matter if it is about getting some extra ordinary attire for the special occasion or wall papers and paints with beautiful colour and finish to add charm to your house, you won’t find as beautiful crafting and designing as you could find here.

Design service

Our home is where the soul resides so spending few bucks to make it as beautiful as your dream is no bad choice. I got to know about the interior designing service of the company through the same friend of mine who introduced me to this hub of the trendiest things. After getting a pleasurable experience of shopping from them, I tried my luck to appoint them for the designing of my living area.

From preparing a jaw-dropping design to taking care of every bit of work, the results they showed were fabulous. I couldn’t imagine my living room to look that stylish and beautiful. Believe me, take a chance and leave it all up to them. You won’t regret the decision ever.
The whole procedure takes place in three steps.

  1. Home consultation: Utters every single idea and requirement to the designer who will then work on it to show you few designs. Catalogues and sample books available with them helps in seeing dream changing into reality.
  2. Design and estimate: It hardly takes 10 days for the finalizations. The designer will discuss the various aspects of the work face-to-face thereby providing you a rough estimate of the designing cost.
  3. Placement of order: The moment you place your order, the designers take the charge of dealing with every issues to prove you satisfactory results towards the end. Every nook and corner will have a fresh feel after the work is done. This is not me but my experience speaking for your betterment.

Quality over quantity

Did I mention that you will find innumerable options to choose from? The company believes in availing its customers with whatever they demand and that too on time. But in the race of producing bulk products to meet the need of the people, the quality is never ignored. The bed sheets I purchased were undeniably of the finest quality and intricate design. I fell in love with the very first look of it and I hope, so will you?


One thing that left me speechless was the versatility in the products. Obviously, choices and taste vary with people. It is rare to find two people together with the same taste in clothes, accessories, furniture or decoration.
Keeping in mind the different choices of different people, the company makes sure that it offers an innumerable option under each category. For sure, you are going to get confused about what to choose (as I did) but well, you need to make a tough call to choose the best from the bests.
The products vary on the basis of fabric, material, colour, design, collection etc.

Great customer service

A good experience is made of the way you are serviced. Considering customers as their guest, the treatment offered by the company is lovely. I didn’t have to bang my head with the wall as other shopping stores made me do. Irrespective of how big the doubt or the problem was, I got in contact with the customer service operator.
The utterly gentle and kind staff dealt in the best way to assure me about the purchase I was going to make. Also, they help you to choose the best product and service that suits your demand list.

The company makes sure to keep you updated about every step from the moment you place your order till the time you receive the delivery. This helps in tracking the entire process.

Well created website (

As I already mentioned that for sure you are going to get confused. The confusion would be because of the versatility of the products. As far as finding the most suitable stuff for you is considered, the company has already made your task easier and time-saving by developing an amazing website. You do not have to go through every folder and drop down menu to know where the perfect dress for you is.
There are different categories where you can choose from few of these are:

Furniture: It adds filters and you can directly jump to the shortlisted products to save your time and energy. Whether it is a sofa, chair or footstool, whether the requirement is of the furniture for your bathroom, living area or dining area, jump to this option and find the best of products.

Decorating: Either order a catalogue or browse through the categories for the perfect match to your desires. Say it the paint for your walls or the wallpapers to add another kind of finish to it, you will find it all here.

Home accessories: Rugs, doormats, mirrors, bedding, lighting etc have innumerable options available that vary in different manners. Either check out the new arrivals or go through the entire collection of the specific product if you have enough time.

Fashion: This is the most visited section where you can find immensely stylish and beautiful clothes for you and your whole family. From the nightwear to the party wears, you name it and they avail it all to you.
In a similar manner, various others sections and sorted clearly to save you from the unnecessary confusion. Just pre-decide the item you want and search a specific allotted category for it.

Laura Ashley Reviews from people

Based on what I heard people speaking about the shopping experience with Laura Ashley, I found that:

  • The company never goes against the promise words and offer what it shows.
  • The quality is never compromised at any cost and in any possible scenario
  • Speedy delivery service and very responsive customer care service.
  • A team of professionals and specialists makes sure to give you the best service and product without neglecting your requirements.
  • It is reliable enough.

Conclusion – Your one-stop store in UK

After all the discussion, research, suggestion and reviews, it is entirely your decision. At least I would recommend each one out there, who is craving to stand out from the crowd, to give it a try and shop from Laura Ashley.

In the matter of few clicks, you can enjoy some quality products that will be delivered at your door step. Yet if you are not satisfied with what you have received, you can go through the return and exchange conditions of the company to get the compensation.

I guarantee that the store is very much like the box of treasure. Your greed will keep on increasing with every purchase. So don’t waste your time wandering around in search of quality and uniqueness when everything is being offered under a single roof.